Observations of insect visitation to cultivated apple, flower phenology and associated meteorological data


Exploration of plant and pathogen signalling during the biotrophic to necrotrophic switch in hemibiotrophic interactions


In an effort to develop P. medicaginis as a new model, I sequenced the first genome of P. medicaginis and profiled its transcriptome during the three life stages biotrophy, BNS and necrotrophy in chickpea roots. As pathogen effectors suppress and manipulate host defence pathways and other host cellular processes to facilitate colonisation, I annotated these within the P. medicaginis genome. I identified characteristic R-x-L-R (arginine-any amino acid-leucine-arginine) domain-containing effectors in the genome of P. medicaginis. Interestingly, these effectors were found not to be restricted to highly repetitive, gene-sparse regions of the genome as observed in other Phytophthora genomes.




Donovin W. Coles

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Hemibiotrophic pathogenesis, genome, co-expression network, effector, immune manipulation

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