The Psychodynamic Body: A Mythos of Psychotherapy


The central component of the doctorate The Psychodynamic Body: A Mythos of Psychotherapy was the performance Wings from the Deep performed by Anna Hueneke at the international conference Re-creating the World. The Transformative Power of Arts and Play in Psychotherapy hosted by the Society for C. G. Jung, Bulgaria in September 2003. The video (originally a DVD) of the performance in Bulgaria is included here as three mp4 video files. The soundtrack (originally a CD) - that she produced in Canberra, took to Bulgaria and painted in response to - is also included as an mp3 audio file. Detailed information about the performance is in the doctorate, specifically on page 109.



Anna Hueneke

Fields of Research



psychodynamic psychotherapy, art therapy, psychotherapy, art, poetry, psychic trauma, Mythos

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